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How does our appointment booking feature work in a car dealership ?

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Appointment booking is a tedious task for managers as well as for clients. Fast Key offers an effective solution to streamline appointments management within your organization. Simple and intuitive, our feature gives freedom to your customers while eliminating waiting times at the counter or on the phone. Freed up, service advisors and technicians also optimize the time devoted to their activities.

Streamlined appointments management and time saver

Valuable time saving for customers

Never has managing appointments within your car dealership been easier ! With their smartphone or tablet, your clients make an online booking directly at any time of the day. This without having to constantly call on the phone to ask for their appointment. Our online appointment app now offers clients the ability to schedule their next appointment.

The smart online appointment management feature significantly improves the client experience within your organization. This practical aspect is obviously felt in the daily appointment booking organization : your clients get an answer in just a few clicks and without having to wait behind the counter, on the phone or behind their computer.

Also your team saves a considerable amount of time by not having to contact customers again ! In the end, by discharging the appointments task , each dealer can now focus on his core business.

Lient innovation and satisfaction

An innovative online agenda at the service of customer satisfaction

Our car dealerships’ digital appointment management tool identifies a time slot according to the schedule of each car workshop client. No more painful wait at the counter or on the phone. Booking appointments and the online schedule from a website or a social media page gives your clients more freedom.

Furthermore, the smart technology collects all the data recorded for each client category and automatically transfers it to DMS and CRM software. This new information processing tool is a leverage to strengthen client loyalty in every kind of industry, in particular the automotive industry.

Synchronized schedules with your online appointment tools

A real time updated schedule

Fast Key is a smart software that merges directly with the DMSs, CRMs and the tools you already use like MecaPlanning. To streamline your business, you benefit from real time coordinated management. After the appointment booking validation on the internet, our app synchronizes information with the various stakeholders schedules : receptionists or technicians. Fast Key optimizes relationships at all levels and offers great autonomy to each user. Our solution also monitors activities with the possibility of instantly knowing operations progress, modifying or canceling an appointment, or even rescheduling it.

Fast Key offers you full visibility on team activity and on appointments and vehicle fleet management. Thanks to actions traceability, you obtain precise indicators on your business activity and its performance.

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Collect customer reviews

Receiving the opinion of customers after a purchase or a visit to the workshop is essential to improve their experience in your services. With its customizable interface, compatible with all DMS and CMR, our software automatically collects reviews.

Analyze with AI

The recorded data is analyzed and classified by the AI according to the feelings expressed and the themes evoked. You benefit from comprehensive reports and detailed analysis of the results to better understand your customers and target their needs.

Increase satisfaction

The assignment and monitoring of tasks then makes it possible to transform the voice of your customers by implementing automated corrective actions and sharing of good practices. Your employees are more efficient and your customers are satisfied.