Connected key box

Automobile industry professionals have to perform well to meet demanding customers expectations. Offering a top-notch quality service nowadays requires waiting times optimal management. Too often neglected at the counter or on the phone, clients need fast and transparent service, available at all times.

Improve client satisfaction

Fast Key offers a simple/intuitive and streamlined solution for depositing and collecting vehicles. Clients have the option of leaving and picking up their car at any time of the day. No more waiting at the counter’s back of the line, early morning clients can drop off their vehicle before going to work without having to wait for the receptionist. Similarly, the late night client has no time constraint to pick up his/her car.

Waiting time management is a key point and becomes a strength when it leads to client satisfaction.

Key deposit : Time saving & Traceability

After ordering a service via our app, be it repair or rental, the client receives a unique code allowing him/her to access a secure key box. When going to their dealership or workshop, they can leave their car at the intended location before depositing their keys inside the connected key box. Each entry is traced. Key movements traceability is essential to allow users to confidently enjoy our features. The client saves time and no longer has to talk to the car collector when it is not necessary. However, the latter remains available for specific requests while optimizing his/her performance.

  • Unique access code
  • Secure deposit
  • Available 24/7

Key collection : Full flexibility

Once the service is completed, the client is notified by email or by SMS. As soon as he/she has paid the invoice via our remote payment solution, the vehicle keys are made available to him/her. Thanks to the unique code, sent on his/her terminal, he/she has access to the key box at any time. The key boxes are opened using a digicode or a button via the app. Each output is traced. He/she can then come and pick up his/her keys and his/her vehicle when he/she is available, whether it is very early in the morning, late in the evening or during weekends. Our smart and secure solution streamlines each step of the journey by offering full control to clients and professionals.

  • Alert (email, sms)
  • Secure and fast access
  • Available 24/7

Wide range of secure key boxes

Security is a major issue to effectively manage key movements. Whatever the needs, our key boxes meet the criteria required by professionals. Directly linked to the other Fast Key features, they complement the key management system and allow full traceability.

Indoor key box

We install different models depending on the desired security level. For the collector's office or private premises, we offer lightly shielded boxes resistant to crowbars and other tools. For indoor common rooms, there are semi-reinforced shielded key boxes with code.

Outdoor key box

Intended for outdoor installation, our shielded key boxes are suitable for intensive use, especially for dealerships. The deposited keys security is ensured by a solidly locked system. Reinforced key boxes reassure clients about the protection level and improve their confidence in the organizations that use them.

Upgradable key box

Small, medium or large-sized, our key boxes evolve according to the needs of each professional. Our range starts from 12 keys and is limitless. We install recommended hardware for optimized use. Our models are modular and suitable to all uses/challenges/environments thanks to an intuitive/smart and ergonomic interface