Customized installation

We install key boxes for all automobile industry professionals: workshop, dealership, rental fleet or company fleet.

Define needs before installation

  • Location choice

The boxes are suitable for all kinds of environments and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The manager selects the location. The key boxes security level matches with the chosen location for its installation. A box in a parking lot is more secure than a box in a private office.

  • The number of keys

You must select a box according to the volume of keys to be managed and the number of exchanges expected. The number of lockers and racks inside the boxes matches with the quantity of keys to be handled.

  • Small size : 12 keys
  • Medium size : 48 keys
  • Large size : 72 keys
  • Usage

It is necessary to specify the box access :

  • Who hands over the keys ?
  • Who collects the keys ?  
  • Who uses the app ?

Security and traceability are key factors of the solutions we offer. Key management and access management are optimized on a case-by-case basis for maximum efficiency.

Fast installation without any work needed

There is a key box for each situation: large, small, light or ultra-reinforced shielding, our technicians intervene rapidly for the installation regardless of the location: indoors or outdoors.

No heavy work or blocking.

The premises remain available and open during the installation. The key box is installed against a wall using several attachment dowels. Depending on the case, the installation requires specific equipment matching with the level of security: light, medium, strong shielding.

Setup and training

In addition to the installation, our experts configure the app according to the trades :

  • Car dealer
  • Manager
  • Receiver
  • Renter
  • Mechanic

Our experts adapt to each situation and remain available even after the installation. In the event of an incident, our teams intervene within 24 hours for repairs.

Follow-up and upkeep

Our teams are permanently available and ensure the upkeep of all installed key boxes. Depending on the case, a maintenance intervention plan is implemented to ensure our solutions’ performance in any situation. Our specialists assist each professional on a daily basis for the equipment follow-up while also ensuring the app proper functioning.