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Privacy Policy

DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE’s mission is to allow users of products, services and in general anyone interacting with a brand, a company, an organization, etc. to share their opinion, comments, suggestions, etc. Responding to a survey through DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE, a trusted third party, involves sharing information with the brand, the company or the contractor for its exclusive use.

Main types of information are :

  • Information shared by respondents with the contractor. Information is voluntarily entered by the respondent (rating, opinion, comment, photo, sound recording, personal contact details, etc.) on the interactive terminals or digital applications, in response to questions from the contractor (brands, organizations, associations, …) in order to better understand them and possibly provide them with answers.


  • These data can be checked by users at any time by sending a request to digifastinteractive.com, in accordance with the “IT and freedom” law dated January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, then by law no. 2018-493 dated June 20, 2018, and decree n° 2019-536 dated May 29, 2019 relating to data processing, files andfreedoms. The respondent has the right to access and rectify the information concerning them, he can fulfill it by updating this information at any time bycontacting the publisher.

    DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE has adhered to the following principles to protect personal data :


  • DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE does not rent, sell or provide personal data to third parties other than the contractor, in any other way, without


  • All personal data provided is secured in the rules of art and technology, this data is stored for a maximum of 60 months or less if the contractor wishes to shorten this period.


  • The data protection policy complies with all guidelines and practices described in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), particularly the main measures of this regulation. As a reminder of the main measures concerning respondents to these surveys :


  • The right to access the information held on a respondent (Article 15)


  • The right to erasure of this information (Article 17)


  • Protection of this information in the rules of art (Article 25)


  • Absence of a profiling function (Article 22)


  • Information in case of data leak (Article 33)


  • Establishment of a charter (or code of conduct) (Article 40)


  • DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE acts as a subcontractor of the data controller who remains the brand, the company or the contractor

1. Data collection

  • When participating in surveys, respondents may be required to provide email or mobile number. DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE can also have access to the type of browser used, the nature of the operating system, as well as the nature of the products, services on which the respondent has made comments. DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE can also receive location data from GPS if the company using the service has requested it and if the user has activated their GPS and has formally agreed to share their position.


  • Like most mobile applications, DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE uses cookies and log files to personalize the experience or transmit responses and communications from brands mainly: record the services or products reviewed, to be able to gather the history of reviews by user, and for statistical purposes.

2. Use of personal data

The information collected by DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE is computer processed and intended to

  • Allow reception of a response from the contractor.


  • Invite the respondent to participate in polls or surveys.


The recipients of the data are the contractors (brands, companies, associations, organizations, etc.) who seek the opinion of the respondents (customers, public, employees,

guests …) from interactive terminals and other digital solutions published by DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE.

In accordance with the law “IT and Freedom” law dated January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, the respondents have the right to access and rectify information concerning them ; they

can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning them.

3. Sharing Data with Third Parties

The information collected through DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE is exclusively communicated to the contractor, under no circumstances is it transmitted, sold or rented to third parties.

4. Data retention

DIGIFAST INTERACTIVE keeps the data in its databases and ensures its security for a maximum of 60 months. Less if the originator wishes to shorten this period

5. Data communicated by the respondent

 The answers to the questions of the survey, ratings, choices, comments, images, transmitted by the contributors are free of rights and can be used by the principal for any useful purpose and under his responsibility, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


For any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please email us at : fastcontact@digifastinteractive.com.


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