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Intervention planning optimization in an automotive company

Digitalization is a phenomenon that is growing at a very fast pace and that has a profound impact on our societies. Lifestyles and consumption habits are rapidly changing, which is why every company must adapt to these changes. Digital transformation requires the adoption of new technologies and innovative and intuitive tools. How does the digital transformation improve the management of schedules at a car dealership?

Optimized planning and new digital business strategy

planning optimisé en concession auto

How to take advantage of digital transformation? We can introduce some strategic axis which can benefit companies adopting it.

Firstly process optimization, ie in terms of tasks streamlining and speed and actions to be carried out. Secondly, the performance increase which induces an increase in productivity, thanks to convergence and cross-functional operation of the whole organization. Thirdly, increased competitiveness towards clients and the experience designed for customer satisfaction.

Company dematerialization and ERP software

Digital technology creates a new ecosystem within companies and impacts directly on their communication, their organization, their production and their activities. The digital revolution has given birth to technologies such as business software : these software automate processes and facilitate tasks. 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), for example, is a system allowing the synergy of teamwork and which optimizes the work organization. It is a project management software that offers several advantages:

  • Activities and tasks creation and planning 
  • Huge time saver
  • Setting up of a schedule with the possibility of smart monitoring of each project’s progress (such as interventions in a car dealership center).

Intervention planning optimization: new opportunities thanks to digital transformation

Thanks to Fast Key’s AI, each stakeholder is informed in real time of the project’s progress: your manager, team leader, receptionist as well as the rest of your team. Your auto repair and distribution business is able to actively respond to clients with greater efficiency and responsiveness.

The vehicle owner no longer needs to drive to the professional’s venue in order to proceed to the repair inventory or for periodic maintenance. Our solution collects data remotely and sends it to the relevant departments in order to streamline the distribution of tasks between each operator.

After each intervention, the Fast Key app notifies the client on their connected device (tablet, smartphone, PC) by email or SMS. He/she receives a secure link with a unique code to retrieve the car keys within a connected box without human intervention.

Your technical and commercial teams are freed from the most time-consuming interventions. Your company can now focus on its core business and the tool helps plan the remaining workload efficiently.

Why choose for the Fast Key solution?

The current digital revolution induces a profound transformation of a company’s business model. Digitalization has reached the next level during the last decade among startups, self-employed entrepreneurs, very small businesses and small businesses which understand the significant growth opportunities that come with it.

This process transformation includes a significant part of digital tools and technologies integration within the entire business environment and the activities that are directly linked to it.

Other information
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Repair order : Definition and instruction manual

The repair order is a free and non-mandatory document which lists the nature and the methods of carrying out the work on your car. In this sense, it is comparable to a store’s delivery note. The RO (repair order) must provide the identity of the dealer or workshop owner and that of the client too. The vehicle description, the approved repairs inventory and the service delivery time should also be included.

digitaliser une concession auto

Car dealerships digitalization challenges

Every single economic sector has been transformed in some way or another by new technologies. By digitalizing your company’s processes and activities, you modify your business model by modernizing it and adapting it to the new expectations of your customers. Learn about the key benefits of digitally transforming your automotive repair and sales business.


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